Painting API

The Rest api for paintings. All endpoint methods and objects are documented in this page and in  Api  documentation.


All api methods are explained in detailed below.

GET /painting/api/v1/downloads - Get all Downloads

This method returns all downloads in an Json array. Download and download option objects are detailed below.

GET /painting/api/v1/galleries - Get all galleries

This method returns all galleries in an Json array. Gallery object is detailed below.

GET /painting/api/v1/galleries/{galleryId} - Get gallery by id

This method returns all paintings in an json array for a gallery specified by {galleryId} parameter.

GET /painting/api/v1/paintings/{paintingId} - Get painting by id

This method returns a painting specified by {paintingId} parameter. Painting object is detailed below.


All api objects are explained in detailed below.

Gallery is a collection of paintings. A gallery object contains below properties;


Painting object contains below properties.


Image object contains information of a painting. An Image object contains below properties.


Download object contains download information for a painting. There are different download options for a download. Those options are explained in Download Option object. Download object has below properties

Download Option

Download Option object contains below properties.


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